Welcome to 8LegsBox !

We are a French brand dedicated to the proper maintenance of Phidippus and other arthropods.

After several years of experience in the breeding of Phidippus as well as other arachnids and insects we decided to create the breeding box brand 8LegsBox.

Indeed we realized that no box or terrarium on the market was really adapted to the maintenance of Phidippus, the latter often weaving in height and against a wall.

There are many types of terrariums with sliding doors, a guillotine door etc... Unfortunately, with these types of terrariums, it is impossible to intervene in the terrarium without destroying the nest or the cocoon of your Phidippus, which can be fatal if molted.

This will no longer be the case with our 8LegsBox breeding boxes and their bottom opening, thus avoiding any risk! The brand comes in 3 sizes designed for the different stages of your Phidippus. It is very important to adapt the size of your box to the stage of your Phidippus, a young specimen will inevitably have difficulty hunting in too big spaces. Each size is available with its custom hand built decor. We use neutral materials without any danger for the living beings they will welcome, while offering them a natural living and hunting space adapted to their needs.

You will also find on the site everything you need for misting, feeding, maintenance and handling of your little ones.

100% of the animals we sell are captive bred in our own breeding place.